Saturday, May 09, 2015

My 23rd on Instax Photos and Year Goals

Almost two months since I last posted a blog post, and I miss it so much! I have been caught up in my regular day job and my online store/ bazaar life hence I haven't had much time to sit and be in front of my computer to even check my website. Now that I'm 23 and single (haha) I pledge to focus more on the things that I love to do which includes blogging and traveling. I'll be sharing more of my to-do-list this year in a while. For now, here's how my 23rd Birthday went :)

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Long Weekend Holiday at Baguio City

Since late last year, people have been flocking Baguio because of many reasons. One, because we had an undeniable good weather for the year of 2014 (lesser typhoons) especially starting November, so many had took advantage of the cold weather (hello layered clothes!!). Another one is because of the many looong weekends (something that is rare to happen!). And some go because the (not so) newly opened TPLEx made it faster and more convenient to travel to the summer capital of the Philippines.

Right after Christmas Day, my whole family went up there and wished to savor the long weekend. We have been talking about going but really had no definite plans up to the moment we were already on the move. The supposedly 3.5hrs travel time that the news on TV had broadcasted was a big joke on that weekend. Traffic was seriously crazy! We got a bit lost on the way but we still ended up avoiding the traffic. Then when we got there, all the inns and hotels were fully booked! We even got to the point looking for a place at La Trinidad! Yet still no luck. It was very late in the evening at that time so we just decided to sleep off the night in the car parked at Burnham Park then try again early morning. To cut the story short, we had a hopeless case. We just tried to enjoy the scenery and tour a bit before we head to our home in Pangasinan. We then found ourselves wandering at Camp John Hay and then stayed a bit hoping the odds of someone backing out on their reservation will be ours. Come 12nn and my phone rang... our weekend wasn't so bad at all!

Baguio has a lot of types of accommodations. From transient homes, inns and high end hotels, name it! At the time we were there, we really didn't have a choice but take whatever is available. We were very lucky enough to be called first by The Forest Lodge.

The Forest Lodge is located in Camp John Hay which has a cozy vibe. From wood floors, to an intimate lobby,  to big open windows, it felt like home away from home.