Tuesday, January 15, 2013

December weekend series 3: Acuatico Beach Resort - First getaway

Hi Everyone!

I have been so much late for posting this blog entry because there are times that I just don't feel like writing. There are moments when I just stare at this blank body page for more than 5 minutes without having any words popping into my mind. Feels like I don't know how to start a sentence to describe my entry. Or maybe I just lack some inspiration at times.

So to get me starting, I wanted to show off some of the pictures I took from my first getaway! Nah, this was not the first time I traveled but this was my first-ever vacation where I purely used my hard-earned money!:) So indulge yourselves with pictures first! maybe I can write better after seeing those lovely photos;)

Basically, these is what you can see in the resort. Acuatico is a small beach resort but with very nice facilities and offers a very relaxing ambiance. If you try to compare it with other resorts along the stretch of Laiya, you will surely not regret coming to this place as it gives you the serene and peaceful surroundings that you have dreamed of after a stressful day at work. You will not be encountering so much people in the vicinity as the resort houses only up to 64 persons which in our case, where we head there on a Sunday morning, it was like having our own private getaway.

It was only 10:30 in the morning when we got there and check-in time is still at 1:00 in the afternoon. The moment we arrive at the resort, the staffs greeted us all with full smiles and served us with their welcome drinks. After then, since we are still not allowed to go in to our rooms, the staff gave a tour on the resort. It was a quick one since like what I have written above, it is just small and there is not much to tour around but you will be in awe how the place was beautifully designed.

Since it is almost lunch time, and there is no other place to go to, we were brought to their restaurant. Oceano Restaurant is located on the second floor of the hotel where it overlooks the entire resort and as well as the beach when you dine in there.

Unless you purchase their breakfast/ lunch/ dinner buffet, they only offer light foods that can be categorized as "snacks". They serve pasta, noodles (lomi, pansit, etc.) and sandwiches as they prefer to eat by buffet.

By the time they let us able to check-in to our room, we went right away and prepared ourselves for our photo ops:) The place is a real picture perfect at any angle you look at so never leave the resort without taking pictures at every corner of it!

Before the night falls, we headed to the beach to see what is in store for us. A blue, clean water greeted our eyes when we walked towards the beach. It was very pleasant to look at since the place was very well maintained. The sand may not be a fine white sand but it is not also the dirty ones. There are small rocks though but you can still bear to walk barefoot.

Me and my friends grabbed the opportunity to try out their kayak and pedal boat since it is included on our accommodation.

We head back to our room and rested for a few hours and went out to take our dinner buffet in their restaurant. Here are a few photos I took during dinner time.

Our night would not be complete without a little sip of tequila so we ordered a cocktail of margarita on the Acua Floating Bar and had a little chit chat right in the middle of pool.

 When the clock hit 12 midnight, the bar closed, the restaurant closed and all the lights were turned off in the resort (of course except the rooms). No more noisy people talking, no more people drinking, no more staffs going around. As in the place what you will be exactly imagining the moment you just want to have a good rest from a fun-filled day. Perfect sleep.

...As our second day being in the resort, we first went to the restaurant to have our breakfast buffet. Not much food was served just like the dinner we had. There are only around 3-4 viands and mostly pinoy foods such as longganisa, tinapa, corned beef and i forgot the other one. The food did not mark into my head as I only tasted the corned beef and a little bit of Tinapa and then ate more on fruits. They also had cereals too for people who do not prefer eating rice.

On our last day, we opted to go for a little swim on their infinity pool and of course, take pictures of it;) What they have shown in the pictures is what we really saw on their resort. They had the perfect infinity pool. Some resorts claim they have such one when their pool is overlooking on the beach, masabi lang ba. But in Acuatico, the design of it was very beautiful in every angle you look at. You would want to stay there for hours even if the sun burns you to death.

Good thing, Mr. Sun did not show up so much at that time:D

Hope you guys enjoyed a little tour from the resort!

Til' next time!:)

Acuatico Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

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  1. I love your pictures! Everything looks so wonderful, and so very clean. I didn't know there was a place on this planet that was so clean like this and the water is soooooooo very blue. I live by the Fox River in the U.S. State of Illinois and our river is green and muddy. YUK! This is like a dream. Thank you for sharing!