Sunday, December 30, 2012

December weekend series 2: pampered

Hello Everyone!

I spent my 2nd week of december going out with my family and relatives since last December 5 was my cousin, ate Hazel's last day here in the Philippines before she migrate to Canada.

That day, I really made a point to go home right away after my work so that I could bond with them as long as possible. Our first stop was at Ayala Triangle, dancing lights. Since traffic was already everywhere, we opted to go their first before we have dinner so we could watch a whole 15mins show without being in a hurry.

Blue lights were dominantly used in between of the shows.

It was really great watching the lights as it dances to the rhythm of the music. What makes it special is that Christmas songs are being played that made everyone felt the Christmas spirit coming along. Here's a short video clip I took during the show, enjoy!:)

Our next stop was at Resorts World Manila where we had our dinner. We ate at Johnny Chow which was a sumptuous delight for an asian cuisine!

Let me just share you guys the menu since I was not able to take actual pictures of our food because I was really starving already hihi:p It was past 10 in the evening which explains my eagerness to eat:)

This are just a few pages from their menu.

Yeah, what I wrote above did not happen on a weekend but I still opted to share since I wanted to get a good rest on the weekend from a week full of work.

So here goes my weekend .....

A good rest would not be complete without a good MASSAAAAGE! and one of the best places to be at is at The Spa;) Teehee:D It doesn't only cater good massage but also has wet facilities that can be used to relax too! Unfortunately, it was my first time at the Greenbelt branch so I was not aware that they did not have any Jacuzzi in there unlike in Alabang branch

And that's how my second week of December went;)
Til' next time!

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