Thursday, December 27, 2012

December weekend series 1: party til' sunrise

Hi Everyone!

I thought of blogging all the things that I have done during the weekends for the month of December and here goes my first series! :)

A lot has happened within a span of 15 hours. Those 15 hours has one of the best nights/ mornings I ever had since I started working cause for a short amount of time, I felt like a student not being a busy-bee studying but having fun after the "final exam".

Last December 1, the company where I worked had its Year End Party at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila where our theme was "Havana Night".

It was pure fun and lots of picture taking that night! Having SAM YG as our host made it more entertaining:)

And here's a picture of my whole Team :)

Next stop was at Rack Em' Up Bar & Billiards in Makati. Our team held our Christmas party there after our YEP at Sofitel. We had our own KTV room where we ate, drank alcohols, sang at the top of our voices and of course, the Christmas party won't be complete without the EXCHANGING OF GIFTS!

pardon me as I don't have any pics taken here but I just want to share what I have experienced hihi:>

Its about 2 in the morning where we finished our own party, but me and some of my officemates did not stop from having fun. As some have gone to go home, we had our start of the day going for a road trip to Tagaytay. Everyone was tired but that did not stop us from sleeping on our way to our destination (though some was trying to sneak a nap lol :D ).

No sun greeted us when we got there since it was only around 3:30 am. Not much restaurants were open so we ended up mostly at the end of the road with 24hours Bulalo eatery which was so perfect for the cold weather.

After eating, we went and parked at Starbucks where we waited till sunrise.

Seeing the sun rise was up lifting. It's like having a new day full of hope and happiness. It's like breathing new air. Felt like a new born baby having my first cry and sight of the world. It may sound exaggerated but It is only a few times a watch the sun rises up close. These are the times when I can truly appreciate another day that God has given me instead of worrying about going to work.

Getting ready for our photo ops!

"The sun rises everyday, but it is only a few of the many times we sincerely take a moment to look at it, appreciate it and thank God."

*some photos are borrowed from my friend*

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