Saturday, May 09, 2015

My 23rd on Instax Photos and Year Goals

Almost two months since I last posted a blog post, and I miss it so much! I have been caught up in my regular day job and my online store/ bazaar life hence I haven't had much time to sit and be in front of my computer to even check my website. Now that I'm 23 and single (haha) I pledge to focus more on the things that I love to do which includes blogging and traveling. I'll be sharing more of my to-do-list this year in a while. For now, here's how my 23rd Birthday went :)

My 23rd Birthday Happenings
At the eve of my Birthday, someone surprised me with an unexpected gift! I was just predicting for a surprise birthday greeting and a song (maybe together with a cake as well) but got really shocked to get a really nice bag!
 As usual, I had dinner with my Family on the night of my Birthday. Even if I am on night shift for work, we still managed to go out and celebrate it. We dined at Kanin Club - Ayala Triangle branch so it would be just near my office. The food was really superb and affordable! They are famous for crispy Dinuguan, and it didn't disappoint us.
I also received 2 bouquet of flowers!! They came from two different persons who are both very special to my heart♥
A cake from my closest friends in the office!

Now that I have more time to discover more of myself, explore more places and have more experiences, I am going to grab that chance. I am a firm believer of destiny so I believe that whatever is happening in my life right now, is my destiny. So here are my goals for this year.


 1. Travel Alone
-Jet setting alone is one of my bucket list. But now, it is one of my goals for this year. Thinking of it is really nerve wracking but I'm wholly decided to do it.

2. Blog at least twice a month
-Time has always been my reason for lack of post writing on my site but I have realized that I cannot always use it as my excuse for not being able to do the things I love.

3. Meet my friends more often
-Being in a relationship have somehow prevented me to hang out more with my friends. Not that my partner prohibits me to do so but maybe because I love to hang around with him more than anyone else.

4. Be more adventurous
-I have always branded myself as an adventurous person but looking back my past years I cannot state much facts other than being able to brave the most daring rides at a theme park such as roller coasters, drop rides and any other else you can find in there, name it, cliff jumping (15meters is by far the highest), ATV, colored my hair -- green (it was an adventurous move they say) and uhmm, that's all I guess.

5. Open a life insurance/ investment account
-I'm working for 3 years already and found that I have literally threw so much money away on my "high-cost living" lifestyle. Yes, I believe in the saying "live in the moment" but if I keep continuing having this lifestyle, I know I won't be able to keep up on my generation.

6. Move to another job/ company
-This has been my plan for 2 years already but I always had so many reasons in mind to not leave my current job. I believe that NOW is the time to move on, gain experiences and have new friends.

That's it! I'm limiting myself to a few goals so I can be more focused to accomplish every one of it. I hope I'd be able to document every time I fulfill a goal, but I won't promise because I know I have the tendency to get lazy lol. So there I hope you guys enjoy looking thru my Instax photos and goals this year!

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