Monday, August 12, 2013

The Coffee Beanery: Unlimited Cake and Coffee Experience

A year ago, I went to Ortigas to attend a job interview for my internship and was able to drop by Edsa Shangrila and as well roam around the mall. While strolling around to kill some time as I felt it was too early to go home, I found this coffee corner with a sign that states "UNLIMITED COFFEE AND CAKE" which made me put a big smile on my face (ok, i did not do it literally, i was just imagining it on my mind)! For just 200php, you get to have as much cake as you want and for me, coffee was just an added benefit! But being a student at that time, 200php worth of food is already splurging. So in the end, I just walked away and never looked back to not regret the chance I had.

Just a few weeks later, I was again back to Ortigas for a job interview and before that day came, I was already thinking about the coffee shop that never left my mind since I last visited the place. So this time around, I did not attempt to missed the chance.

As what I have in mind, I availed their Unlimited Cake and Coffee! I looked through their chiller and wasn't sure which one to get first so I asked the crew to get them all for me! lol katakawan hehe. But they told me that they'll just serve it by 2s instead.

So their cake line-up for the promo are (from top to bottom) Cherry Walnut, Double Choco, Blueberry Cheescake, Chocolate Caramel, Devil's Food Cake, Carrot Cake and Strawberry Cheescake (Not in the photo). They said that their bestseller is the Chocolate Caramel but for me, it was Cherry Walnut! I may be a chocolate lover but their Cherry Walnut was superb! Moist and has the right amount of Cherry, Walnut and Cream cheese that satisfies my sweet tooth! Also, I am not a fan of cherries so there really is something special about this cake.

Confession: I thought I could finish all their 7 cakes, but when I was onto my 3rd slice, I was feeling grumpy already. Hence of not having a picture of the strawberry cheescake cause I could just throw up (excuse me). Good thing they didn't serve them all! haha

This below was my spot while having a cup of coffee, a good bar of cake and reading an ebook. 


Cake Display

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