Monday, September 23, 2013

Be A Blessing

"God gives us blessings not to be happy, but to be a blessing".

 top and accessory: Forever 21 | skirt: Market Market | Shoes: Cotton On 

Those words said by the Priest during the Mass yesterday were really marked on my mind. It made me realize that it was the fact that He created us and let us do what we are destined to do is due to be a blessing to others and not think for ourselves only. It is like happiness is just the "side effect" of it. Where true happiness is achieved when we are able to act as a blessing to others.

On the other hand, it has been continuously raining since yesterday so I decided to put on something that will keep me warm all throughout on my family's usual Sunday routine. However, I wore a skirt which is kinda conflicting to my "keep-me-warm" statement since there might be a chance that I will be wearing a rain boots to be able to get through our house lol. Though good thing, the rain was not too hard to create flood on our street!

Have a safe and dry night everyone!

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