Thursday, March 07, 2013

A kick off to summer

The moment the month of May comes in, a new season will be paving our next three months which is SUMMER. To officially welcome the hot weather, we must equip ourselves with clothes that will let us be comfortable and not much sweat all throughout the day may it be at work or on our summer escapades and accessories that will compliment our look even on the simplest tank top we are wearing. 

A rack full of cool clothes, ombre shorts, corset dresses, printed swimsuits, neon necklaces, bright bangles and colorful thong sandals are what the SuperSale Summer Edition 2013 has offered its attendees last March 1-3 at World Trade Center! There were also skin care products and cool phone accessories that will match our outfits anytime!

I am very excited to write this is post as this not only an event I attended in, but an event where I was part of it! YES! I am part of the SuperSale Bazaar that occurred last weekend as a Blogger to showcase my business! To add in my excitement, this is the FIRST-EVER Bazaar I have attended as a seller and not as a consumer! So pardon my emotions as this was really a moment to remember for me :>

As I was saying, I, together with my friends/ business partners brought in the must-have classy accessories, clothes and shawls to the World Trade Bazaar to sell at a lower price from our Online Shop. Classior—ź, our online shop that brings all things classy that a woman must have. We sell accessories that won't go out of style even if the season changes. It's all in the right combination of colors.

One week of preparation was what we only had since the decision came up at last minute. We raided our homes to get the necessary things we could use on our booth and still ended up having a space with one clothes rack, one table and three chairs on the last day before the event starts.

Surprisingly, our first day went well than we expected since our booth cannot be compared to what others have prepared. The moment the bazaar opened to customers, a necklace was rapidly bought without having it on display for more than 30 minutes. I thought of it as a sign that says "hey, everything will go well!"

And yes, IT DID!

We may have survived the first day but we still feel a bit empty on our space. Good thing TL and I saw a store that sells collapsible tent that can quite easily fit into cars. And with no hesitations, we bought it! More curtains were brought and yey! we have a banner! 

On our third day, we tend not to buy too much stocks as it was the last day of the bazaar and we didn't expect much people coming in due to on and off rain during the day. Luckily, after lunch time, sun came up and more bazaar goers coming in. 

At the last hour and a half, we lowered more our prices to attract customers to go in on our booth, and it worked!

Here are some more pictures of our lovely customers!
(more pictures on our Facebook Page:

Before the day ends, I wouldn't want to miss the chance to go around and find great deals for myself as well!


Drooled over the shoes from Anthology! Prices dropped until 70% off so I made sure to grab a pair:>

All in all, I had a blast! Lahat ng stress at puyat was worth it! 

Thank you to everyone who supported us!