Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wild Summer with Caribbean Footwear

Summer has begun and everyone dresses their selves into the most comfortable way possible to beat the unbearable heat of Mr. Sun. As much as possible, we wear clothes that are light-colored and has thin and lesser fabrics. This is also the season that we can sometimes get an excuse to wear slippers (at least when i was in college) to avoid our feet from getting sweaty.

Slipper or Flip-Flops as we fond to call it, are "in" again to give us fun in doing all our summer escapades. But who says flip-flops must be expensive to be able to tell that it's comfortable, fashionable and most especially, durable? Not with Caribbean Footwear.

Caribbean Footwear is the newest competition in town for flip-flops. Wanna know why? Check it out below.

Caribbean Footwear offers a very comfortable flip-flops due to having a mid-foot curve where it was artistically formed to create a proper foot formation and posture that will enhance endurance while walking or running and unlike others, its foot bed has really equal amount of softness but still hard enough to give protection on our feet.

Durable and Inexpensive flip-flops at the same time is hard to find now-a-days. I, myself have also tried other "known expensive brands" and i got the chance to compare them with what Caribbean has to offer and I must say that the durability when it comes to thickness of foot bed and strap are almost the same. Moreover, this footwear has an Anti-Slip Technology that makes it very fun to wear wherever you may be!

What really makes Caribbean special? Is its price! For about Php 170-300, these flip-flops are a steal!

And lastly, who wouldn't want their flops to be fashionable? The creator of these footwear have a good fashion taste for they have great various designs to choose from! They have recently launched their summer collection which is called Urban Safari.

They are available at Landmark stores, so don't forget to drop by and grab a pair!

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