Wednesday, April 23, 2014

22 on 22

22 years of existence is a heaven sent gift when friends and family are around to celebrate it with you. As I am a year older, I realize how time has flown so fast. 2 years of being a young professional. 2 years of being off my parent's ledge (not totally yet though). 2 years of meeting different personalities. 2 years of different interests. 2 years of struggling to know my career path (still ongoing....). Another year to make stronger friendships and another year to make my relationship blossom.

I thank God and everyone who made me who I am today. I am not a perfect person. I am not the prettiest. Nor the tallest. Neither the thinnest. But I feel perfect to be surrounded by the people who makes me happy all the time. To be with the people I could be silly whenever I want to.  To be with the people who can stand my bipolar moments. To be with people who are true enough to tell me whenever I am ugly inside and out. They made me who I am today. Whether it is good or bad, i have no regrets. I like the way I am. If you can't stand it, you know what to do. If you can, let's hang out some time;)

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