Tuesday, July 29, 2014

first class ride from first class crackers - hansel premium

Before I write the details of this event, please allow me to amaze you first on our limo ride for the day :D

Ok now, are you ready? lol. Few weeks ago, bloggers were invited to have a #trulypremium road trip experience c/o of hansel premium.

Hansel Premium is a soft crunch biscuit with tasty & premium filling. I grew up loving the original hansel biscuit which is also soft-crunch biscuit that has salty-sweet taste and distinct aroma which creates a unique and delicious tasting cookie sandwich. Their mocha and chocolate filling were my all time favorite recess snack!

Now, they have introduced something new, but not far from the original biscuit they began with. This time, the fillings are more tasty and may be compared to international famous snacks. They currently have two variants which are cheese and peanut butter. The cheese sandwich has that combos taste but what really made it outshine the other is it has lesser salt.(THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE!!!)

 Meanwhile, the peanut butter sandwich has that rich-flavor filling as to where I'm like munching on some skippy straight from the jar with just some biscuits on to it, yummy!
 Before we head on the limo, we were briefed by the people of Rakso about Hansel Premium. These treats were actually released for about 2-3 years already but no aggressive ads until now were initiated. 
 Then these were our faces as the limo approaches! haha!
Photo ops!
 As we parade onto the streets of Ortigas, we were served with wine, cheese rolls and of course, more hansel premium, yuuuuum!
We chilled, hang out, shared stories and played a game!
(ehem, i won! thanks rebisco haha!)
We all toasted as we end our great cruise!
 Overall, I had fun on this event as I got to experience a first class ride which shows how REBISCO is truly representing Hansel Premium as a first class crackers.

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