Monday, November 24, 2014

My version of pack-light beach essentials

My office mate invited me and 2 other colleagues to attend his son's christening in his hometown, La Union. It was my first time to be on an out of town trip not meant for vacation/ relaxation. Though in the end, happened to be one. 
Since it was just over the weekend, and i will be travelling only by bus, i needed to pack light (which is really not usual to me). I needed to pack two outfits and other essentials that would be appropriate for christening and the reception that will be held at a beach resort. So here i'll be sharing my travel essentials:

1. Swimsuit/ swim wear
Hey, what's a beach getaway without takin' a dip into the sea?! So even if due to under some circumstances you can't put youself into the water, just go wear one and stroll/ lay in the sand. 

2. Sunblock and moisturizer
Never ever expose yourself to the sun without these two! It's fun to lay under the sun and feel the heat into your skin but think of the effects afterwards if you do not apply these two skin care essentials.

3. Sunglasses
Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun and refrain yourself from looking ugly in the photos just because you get all grumpy and can't look directly to the camera.

4. Flip flops
It's fun to walk barefoot in the sand but when it's time to get out of the beach, a flip flop will be your bestfriend.

As much as i love flip flops, it's not practical to buy expensive ones. So as long as it is comfortable and stylish, i'd grab one for myself! Just look at Zalora Philippines variety of choices for flip flops: stylish and looks comfortable too! And some are very affordable as well! Now wouldn't that be a great deal, would it?

5. Cover up
Bring yourself a kimono or a sheer top/ dress which comes in handy whenever you feel like roaming the establishments around the area.

6. Accessories
It doesn't hurt to bring one or two accessories with you on the beach, always glam up and be ready for some photo ops! 

So there you go, take advantage of our current weather where it is not too cold nor hot and have fun on the beach!

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