Wednesday, December 05, 2012



Today, I finally had the time to push through writing in a blog again. What had inspired me? Or should I say who inspired me was Tricia Gosingtian and Patty Laurel. Last October 14, 2012, I attended the BDJ Fair for this year which had different categories of talk from different people. Being an avid reader of fashion/lifestyle blogs, I decided to sit on Blogger's Extraordinaire segment.

First part of the segment was Patty Laurel giving a talk about blogging and travelling. She had emphasized the true meaning of blogging which was "to be able to share good things".

She also gave tips on travelling such as planning about 6 months ahead. In that way, we can get airfare discounts (which is really important) and we can thoroughly thought how to maximize the vacation we are going to have.

Next part was the talk that Tricia Gosingtian had regarding on how to start a blog and some tips needed to be remembered. She discussed how important was to have an appropriate blog name, platforms to use (depending on a person's usage), contents and others.


She also mentioned some simple technical stuffs that is needed when having a blog like a stat analysis to be able to know your blog statistics.

Overall, these two speakers inspired me to start something I really wanted to do for a long time but did not have enough guts to step up (though I already had a blog before but not something about myself/ my life). They made me realized that when you create a blog, it must not be because you want to get popular or you want to go to events but instead, you want to share something good to other people and by sharing the even simplest thing in the world, you would be able to touch some other lives just through writing.

AND this is my start on the blogging world! This little space on the web will be my outlet of my journey in life. My own version of fashion, travelling and day-to-day pleasures of life. Excuse my randomness at times. I may post non-sense stuffs, but hey, this is still my page!;)

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