Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Revlon Mobile Salon

It all started with Medical purposes, then party buses, and now, a mobile salon! Revlon has introduced their Revlon Roaming Limousine which is an on-ground awareness, trial, sampling and selling platform which aims to engage customer/s with a personal touch. Lucky me, I was one of the firsts who ever got to try it! All thanks to my friend who pushed me to go with her (napilitan pa) and of course to Revlon Pro PH!

The all-black paint (outer) of the van made it look a lot sophisticated and elegant. And as you enter, it would totally would live up to your expectation! While the inside look has a modern yet classy interior that would make you feel like a royal who does her hair and make-up in a car hence the hectic schedule you have lined-up for the day (lol).

Revlon has gathered some hair stylists and make-up artists who would give us a chic makeover that will showcase our lovely features with their wide-array of products. First, let me give you an introduction on one of the most-loved brand.

Revlon Cosmetics has been in the forefront of beauty products since 1930’s. As Revlon continuous its innovation and revitalized efforts, it has grown a large number of worldwide markets that features to the company’s success as they leads in the industry.

So going back to the exciting part, the MAKEOVER! As soon as we arrive in the limo, we were assisted and were given right away a hair makeover by the hairstylists. My hairstylist chose to give me a clean, fun look by braiding my hair into one side. I thought it would just be simple one-side-braid, but look how cute the swirls at the side of my hair! its very stylish and made feel like a teenager! Like my hairstylist said, "Coleen Garcia (showtime host) lang ang peg!" ahaha!

Then after the hair makeover, we were given a  full make-up do with the use of Revlon products. Mr. Ricardo Carlos who, i must say, is very talented (Take a look at his fb page)  made me look fabulous in spite of giving me just a natural make-up. And for my friends is Ms. Geraldine Carlos.

Here are some of the products used on me. And products they gave us for free to try on ourselves!

Revlon does not only have cosmetics but nail enamels too! We were given also a wide selection of nail colors to play around with while waiting for my other friends.

Now, i'm really encouraged to try more products from Revlon as I was able to experience the good quality they offer in each cosmetic they have. Thank you so much Revlon PH!

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