Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Be the Unexepected

People always have expectations. ALWAYS. I am usually tagged as "maarte", "mataray" and "suplada" by the people who have never really met me. It is usually their first impression on me and it started since I transferred school when I was on my first year high school.
Gratefully, my classmates were really the type who welcomes and really befriend new students, so it was not really a long, hard adjustment for me. When I gained a few close friends, they would always tease me on how I looked" scary" (lol) and unapproachable from the moment I came into the room and on how introduced myself on the first day of classes. Maybe it was my inner guts that would send message to my brain that I should be someone who gets their attention but not to be bullied by other students. So I guess it really worked so I have acquired that attitude since then. And now that I am a working girl, i have carried that attitude and it has been a bit of a problem with my coworkers especially to the new comers. Im usually focused at work, so I tend not to talk too much (so they think im a snob) and if ever i talk, it is usually to my teammates i have gone closer with. I tried to overcome it (and still trying), so there would not be a time that i would have problem working just because of the people that surrounds me. Now that I gained another new set of friends, they would always make fun on how I dress in the workplace. I am the type who does not have a specific style. I mix style with comfortability. So after working in an office-environment, with no uniforms and is not limited to business attires company, I have showed my coworkers different styles that they would not expect me to wear. But im really not the kind of person who sticks with one personality only. And so is my style.

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