Sunday, June 29, 2014

Keep Calm and Watch Movies

I always say, "movies are a big part of my life". It is because movies are stories you can enjoy where you can laugh at, cry at, imagine the scariest possible thing in the world, learn valuable lessons and most especially, relate to. Its like being transported from one world to another.

 I remembered the first movie I watched was A Bug's Life, or at least it was the movie that I'm very aware of watching on my younger years. I was 7 years old then and it was something I really enjoyed watching because it was very funny and has a lot of adventures going on! I really didn't about the lessons it has because the most important thing to me was that I was having fun. But at the end of the movie, my parents talked to me and explained to me on how being brave and selfless is a tough act but at the same time a good deed.

So looking back now, I would say it was something my age before would really love and learn so much from. It was from that movie I fell in love in watching movies. That was the time I felt happy, sad, angry and thrilled all at the short span of time. It was the time I learned to be more curious about different things, about life. It was also the time I learned to open my imagination to so many things such as animals talking and have the same intellectual as humans and others.

Years has passed and my love for movies has not yet lapsed. I am that movie junkie who loves to watch movies in the big screen. With that said, I am always on the lookout to find the latest films and GMovies has helped me to keep up with that lifestyle!

GMovies is the ultimate pocket app for your movie fix

Yes, GMovies is the ultimate pocket app for your movie fix because of so many reasons. Here are some key points to tell you why:
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Whenever I watch movies, I always make it a point that I have the best seat so I usually buy tickets in advance. Though their sites has the capability of buying tickets, it has been very inconvenient to access it on smartphones because the resolution doesn't automatically adjusts to the width of my screen, so instead i need to scroll the page all the time. 

Now that there is GMovies, no more scrolling of page, ever! It is fit for any smartphone and very convenient to use anytime, anywhere! No need to open up google to search for the "now showing" movies and "coming soon" movies. No more long lines to the counter! Get that VIP feeling by buying your ticket online and go straight to the cinema.

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